Graduated from the “ Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux Arts de Paris “, in architecture, UP8 in 1980 and then from Berkeley Californie in 1982, Frederic Bekas has worked in the South of France at Nice and Cannes until 1994. He achieved bioclimatic projects, participated to architectural competition launched by the current government, and is one of the winners of Hot 5 and 5000 solar houses competitions.

In 1985, after four years of research, in collaboration with the architect Jean Philippe Zipper, the book “Architectures Vitalistes 1950-1980” is published at Parentheses Editions : Three original looks towards the contemporary organic architecture according to three types of perception : the structural look, gestural look and figurative look. (

In 1986, he participated to an international design competition and created the bookcase Toucan which shelves inclination offers a perfect stability for any kind of book even for the magazines. Then he gives this concept to other models with other materials such as Robin Wood, Zadig, Cantilever …

In 1995, he moved to Dubai and achieved residence and office projects, shopping malls and residential marinas in the Golf region.

In 2005, he created an agency « IDEA », International Design Architecture & Engineering, at Casablanca, where he is achieving 5* hotel projects, touristic and residential projects with a bioclimatic concept respecting the sustainable development and the environmental quality.